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This rule governs all forms of behavior; spoken, typed, or practiced in gameplay. Don't harass, bully, or threaten other players. Statements which serve to annoy, incite, provoke, or offend others are in violation of this rule.

This rule applies regardless of intent or perceived sense of entitlement. Being of a certain race does not entitle you to violate this rule. Perception of a phrase or term as being a "meme" or adjective does not entitle you to violate this rule.

Unfortunately, young people (such as the prepubescent) are not permitted to use Voice Chat on our servers. Violation of this rule will result in a Permanent Mute. If you are a young person, please use Text Chat only and refrain from mic use.

Abusing Voice Chat by continously speaking over others, using soundboards/voice changers, spamming music, and making obnoxious or vulgar noises (such as burping), could result in a Permanent Mute. Please exercise discretion and restraint.

Vulgar includes NSFW or "adult" content and anything else egregiously offensive. Artwork involving censored or clothed subjects can still violate this rule if there is an artistic emphasis placed on depicting genitalia or nipples.

Vulgar includes anything egregiously offensive. Display names and items are not exempt from our rules governing the use of offensive, racist, and homophobic terms. Change your display name and refrain from equipping these items.

Forcing yourself into Civilian stance, Spycrabbing, and generally being a "Friendly" without making any meaningful contribution in damage, undermines gameplay and is unfair to both teams. Intentional stalling is also prohibited.

Intentional exploitation of a map or gameplay bug is unacceptable; especially if it frustrates normal gameplay and is employed as a stall tactic. Engineers who build in areas that are impossible for Bosses to reach are violating this rule.

Hacking of any kind -- especially in the form of aim/trigger bots and wall/speed/flying hacks -- will result in an unnegotiable permanent Ban. This rule encompasses scripts and macros which exceed the scope of normal gameplay.

Moderators ("Royal Guard") and Administrators ("Sea Pony") have the authority to exercise their own discretion when enforcing the rules. Their warnings and decisions are final and not open to debate outside of a Ponitentiary Appeal.


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