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Server Owners and Maintainers:
Raini, simple, Zimtower

Please read our Community MOTD for behavioral rules and social netiquette.
Player Killing Guidelines

No RDM (Random Death Match)

RDMing is killing someone without proof that they are the Traitor.

The first two times that you break this rule, you will be Slayed.
If RDM continues, you will be permanently Banned.

Most of the rules outlined here apply to Innocents only.

Rules Applicable to Traitors:
  1. You cannot call out KOS on your Traitor buddies, and you cannot kill them.

  2. You cannot ally yourself with a Detective or an Innocent if you are a Traitor.

  3. You cannot camp as a Traitor.

  4. You will be slayed if you are camping and prolonging the round by not doing anything.

General TTT Rules

  1. No Ghosting or meta-gaming -- it is a permanent ban!

  2. Rooms can only be claimed after overtime.

  3. Do not intentionally get yourself killed to lower people's Karma.

  4. Revenge RDM is not allowed. First Kick, then Ban.*

  5.       * If you got RDMed, explain how it happened to an Admin.
  6. Your name should be pronounceable and non-TTT related.

  7. Name changing during a round is an automatic Kick.

  8. No prolonged camping as an Innocent or Traitor.

  9. If you aren't doing anything but camping until the timer runs out, you'll be Slayed.

  10. Acting childish and being annoying or disruptive will result in a Kick/Ban/Gag/Mute.

  11. No excessive talking. Do not interrupt others, talk over them, etc. and be considerate.

Valid Reason(s) for Killing a Player
Killing a player is ok if he/she...

  1. Kills someone and does not identify the body.

  2. Walks by an obvious, non-hidden, unidentified body.

  3. Throws an incendiary grenade, discombobulator, or props with the intent to damage.

  4. Follows the detective after the detective tells him/her to stop.

  5. Kills AFK player(s).

  6. Walks around with a Traitor weapon, with no indication on how it was acquired.

  7. Uses map-specific traps to injure or kill player(s).

  8. Shoots at player(s), damaging them.

  9. Calls anyone out falsely.

  10. Breaks the Traitor tester or destroys a health station.

Invalid Reason(s) for Killing a Player
Killing a player is RDM if your reason was...

  1. The player was hurt.

  2. The player was heard firing a weapon.

  3. The player had the same type of weapon as one used to kill someone.

  4. The player does not respond to a live check.

  5. The player accidentally damaged someone for a negligible amount.

  6. The player is acting suspiciously.

  7. The player is aiming at someone without shooting.

  8. The player is following you, if you are not a detective.

  9. The player is refusing to be Traitor tested.

  10. The player is Traitor Baiting.

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